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ATC Services provides affordable Medical Flight Services; our medical transport services are the world-class quality care. We are a leading full-service flights provider that offers the highest quality transportation services to those in need of medical attention while traveling. If you need special medical care air transport, we can arrange the appropriate aircraft. Our company owns the aircrafts that we maintain and fly. Don’t worry, we coordinate the entire travel process and work closely with your insurance company to transport you quickly and safety. We strive to make your trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Whether you are looking for safe and reliable medical flights, contact us.


Our advantages:

  • Our experts guarantee a quick and safe medical flight.
  • We are open to your inquiries 24/7 – every day.
  • Safety of our customers and crew member’s is our first priority.
  • Our medical transport services come up to the expectations of clients and partners.
  • Managing all logistics of the journey.
  • We aim to meet the specific requirements of our patients.
  • Working intensively to achieve any insurance coverage reimbursement possible.