We provide a comprehensive range of export and import air cargo services, catering to specific requirement for different types of cargoes, time constraints and trading countries. We convey you the freight Document directly after the arrival of the flight. ATC aims to find air freight services that are absolutely right for you to transport your goods to their destination on time, on budget and in the best condition. We offer various Air Cargo services.

Our advantages:

  • Ensure on-time delivery of inbound and outbound cargo
  • Professional handling of direct shipments.
  • Insurance covers throughout including transportation and storage.
  • Our Air cargo operations are supported by a professional team whose expertise guarantees the most trusted method.
  • We assure the customer on-time performance of pick-up and delivery at origin and destination.
  • Reliable solutions to safely pack and ship your Valuables. We’ll work with you to find the optimum solution based on your specific needs.
  • We are in a position to offer the most cost effective transport solutions, combined with efficient communications.